I know we all agree that 2020 was a year that no matter how we try it can’t be forgotten.  SO many issues on so many fronts for all of us.  I was one of the lucky business owners that was able to work through all the shut downs. I am grateful to all my clients who also were able to continue to work and used us for their photography need. But 2020 was also a survival type of year. I heard so many say (me included) if we can just get to 2021. Which is something that is said every year I guess but 2020 was different, it was like a dark cloud that covered everyone mentally, financially, and physically with the quarantines.

Well, here we are 2021. Are we any better? Did things just instantly get normal (whatever that is)? Is everyone united, happy and secure? Of course not!

Each new year most of us try to reflect on past year and look towards the new year with resolutions. I suppose I am no different, but it takes me a while to accept the year. It’s almost that “here we go again” (insert sigh) But I am doing it differently this time. For me 2021 will be about Faith, Courage, and Discipline.

A few years ago I got this kit by intent, where you stamp your word/words on to metal and wear them to remind you, encourage you and sometimes start conversations that you might not have had otherwise.  At the end of each year I pray for God to give me a word for the coming year. What should I change, or be more intentional about doing. This year I got 3!

I share this with you to not only give you a glimpse of me but for my own accountability.

2021 is my 60th year! Yikes! As I write this my big sister would have turned 61 today. She left this world 1984 by her own choice. SO I WILL SAY HERE AND NOW! There is NOTHING worth taking your life over! Call me if you need someone!! No matter the time of day!!

So I will turn sixty halfway through this year and I really started thinking (worrying a little) on what my sixties would look like. My life is not where I thought it would be but God has been good and I am grateful and blessed.

Faith, because without faith we can do nothing. Faith in God first and most, faith in ourselves next, faith in our family, faith in our friends and yes faith in our country.

Courage, because Faith requires courage and courage requires faith. Courage to step out on faith, courage to stand up for faith and courage to be the person you were meant to be, not who you think you are. Courage to defend when necessary.

Discipline, because Faith and Courage both require it.  The discipline to stay steadfast in your faith, the discipline to not turn away but face with courage all that is yet to come. Having discipline to have the courage and faith to see beyond, race, belief,  and actions , to see the real person, to truly try to understand each other, even when (especially when) we don’t agree.  Everyone’s truth and perspective is different. Until we “walk in someone’s shoes” we don’t know what it’s like for them. AND how boring would it if we were all exactly the same!

So at this beginning this New Year (I know I am starting on the 13th)   I will wear Faith, Courage and Discipline each day to remind me how to treat myself and the world around me.  To have faith in others and courage to speak out and step up when needed and discipline to step back when needed. And to pray each and every day for our world and our people. Bottom line we are all connected no matter where we are or who we are.